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Many different types of juice are available at your local grocery store, health food store, or juice bar. But even though they are all called juice, that is where the similarity ends.
Most mass-produced juice sold in grocery stores is "pasteurized," meaning that it goes through a high-heat pasteurization process where the liquid is heated up to the boiling point to kill pathogens and extend shelf life. This heating process may also destroy some of the juice's health benefits.
Centrifugal or rotary juicing is common in most juice bars and home appliances. One of the telltale signs of a centrifugal juicer is the sound they make. With blades spinning up to 16,000 RPMs, these noisy juicers shred and pulverize fruits and vegetables. This high-speed spinning action separates the liquid from the fruits and vegetables, similar to how your washing machine works on the spin cycle. This high-speed extraction method generates heat and accelerates the oxidation of the juice, degrading the juice's color and nutritional benefits. Oxidation happens when you leave apple slices on the counter and expose them to air. This same happens with high-speed juicing; oxidation can destroy some vitamins and minerals.
The cold-pressing of fruits and vegetables is a method of juice extraction that has been around for thousands of years. It is how the Romans extracted oil from their olives. During cold-pressing, the juice is extracted by slowly exerting pressure on the fruit or vegetables. This pressure squeezes out the juice, leaving only the pulp.
The Vividmoo cold press juicer features an auger that quietly spins at 43 RPMs to slowly press fruit and vegetables against the 6,612 micro-perforations in the juice strainer. This action opens the food's cell membranes, releasing its deep-seated liquid with nutrients and enzymes. The cold-pressing also maximizes the extraction of the fluid trapped inside, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, resulting in rich colors and pure juice flavor. This slow extraction method ensures that it does not disrupt the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables, minimizing oxidation and heat and preserving the precious enzymes and nutrients as close as possible to their natural form.
Cold press juices made in your Vividmoo juicer can be a very beneficial addition to your daily routine. Some of the ways that we can benefit from cold press juice include:
Increased consumption of micronutrients and vitamins
Cold-pressed juice is easy for our bodies to digest
Easy way to add more servings of fruit and vegetables into our diets
Support for our immune systems
Increased overall hydration of our bodies
Delicious flavors rich in phytonutrients, especially when we juice bright, deep-colored fruit and vegetables
Feeding our gut with soluble fiber and healthy enzymes
Cold press juice made with a Vividmoo juicer might take more time each day, but the time spent is well worth the effort. The resulting cold press juice is a delicious and nutritious way to flood our bodies daily with vitamins, hydration, minerals, and immune-boosting phytonutrients

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