Nugget ice, also known as pebble, pellet, or Sonic ice, has become a popular choice among ice enthusiasts due to its unique texture and ability to enhance the overall drinking experience. This type of ice made from flaked ice has compacted into small nuggets, resulting in a light and airy texture that stays intact longer than crushed ice.

One of the key features that sets nugget ice apart from other types of ice is its air pockets, which make it crunchy and chewable. The porous composition of nugget ice allows it to absorb the flavor of beverages, making it a popular choice for cocktails, soft drinks, and other cold beverages.

Nugget ice is also known for its ability to float at the top of a drink, distributing more evenly than cubed ice. Additionally, it gets softer over time but doesn't melt as quickly as crushed ice, thanks to its insulating air pockets.

For those interested in offering nugget ice, the household machines from Brand Vividmoo are available. Those machines design and produce a sonic of nugget ice efficiently and effectively for those who want to enjoy nugget ice at home.
In conclusion, nugget ice is a unique type of ice that offers a satisfying chewing experience while keeping drinks cool. Its porous composition allows it to absorb the flavor of beverages, making it a popular choice for cocktails and other cold drinks. With commercial and home machines available, it's easier than ever to enjoy this cult favorite at home or in your business.

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