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What Is the Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control?

Even if you scoop your cat’s traditional litter box daily (which you should!), there’s a good chance you’re still getting whiffs of litter box odors from time to time. Many cat parents have wondered with some degree of frustration: What’s the best cat litter box for odor control?

Let’s explore the top four features for optimal cat litter odor control, and find out which one is the best no smell litter box for the job.

What makes an effective cat litter box for odor control?

Many litter boxes claim to reduce odors, but only a few deliver on that promise. The design also informs us if there are features specifically added for odor control. An effective litter box that reduces odors is ideally designed to minimize waste exposure and maximize odor-absorbing components.

What to look for

With so many options, it can be hard to find the best cat litter box for odor control. To figure out if a litter box will truly help your cat litter odor problem, you should look for these features:

Enclosed design

Litter box design is integral to the odor control process. For instance, the design tells us how exposed the cat waste is to open air—in the case of a covered litter box vs. uncovered litter box—and for how long. The more exposed the litter box is, the more you’re going to notice the smell. With an enclosed litter box, even partially, you’ll promote better odor control.

Do keep in mind that, according to some studies, cats tend to prefer a roomier enclosed litter box so avoid litter boxes with a small compartment.

Odor neutralizing outside the litter box

The litter box itself needs to be optimized for odor elimination. Bonus points to any litter box that includes a waste compartment. In addition to blocking cat litter odors from spreading, it should also be easy to add pet odor eliminator accessories such as OdorTrap™ Packs, which eliminate litter box odors using natural chemistry.

Carbon filtering inside the litter box

The objective is not only to get rid of litter box smells and stop them from spreading around your house but also to neutralize them inside the litter box. Cats' sense of smell is 14 times stronger than humans', and there are plenty of smells that cats hate, including that of a dirty litter box. In fact, it can completely deter them from using it, leading them to do their business elsewhere. Nobody wants that.

When looking for a litter box for odor control, look for one that includes carbon filters so neither you nor your cat will suffer through unpleasant odors.

Automatic litter boxes

An automatic litter box cleans the waste within minutes of your cat using it. So even if you’re not around for hours, you’ll be coming home to a cat box with a clean bed of litter. The less time your cat’s waste is exposed to the open air—especially if your cat isn’t the best at burying his deposits—the less likely you’ll notice those icky associated odors.

Self-cleaning litter boxes typically dispose of the waste in separated compartments, further reducing odors.

Easy to clean

Finally, even the most advanced litter box needs to be cleaned regularly. What’s the use if your litter box is too complicated to take apart, clean, and reassemble? Eventually, odors are going to pile up, and even the best odor-absorbing components won’t help. That’s why you need a litter box that is still easy to clean, whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month.


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Status & Button Indicators

Smart cat litter boxes come equipped with various indicators that provide insight into their operation and maintenance needs. Familiarizing yourself with these can help you address issues promptly:

Solid Blue:
Ready for use

Flashing Blue:
Setting up WiFi

Solid Blue & Button Indicators ON:
Firmware upgrading

Solid Blue & Button Indicators Flashing:
Restoring to factory settings


Solid Green:
Cat / weight detecte when stationary

Flashing Green:
Drum returning to Home position

Flashing Green Twice:
Child Lock on/off


What to avoid

As there are features to look for, there are also some to avoid when searching for the best cat litter box for odor control. Here are elements to avoid:

A Unique Structure for Unique Functions


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It is not just a lifestyle, it is a a whole new perspective

Open design

You might have guessed it: the open design of standard litter boxes makes it easy for unwanted odors to spread around your house. This is especially true if it is placed near a window since the heat from the sun shining on the litter box further aggravates odors. Plus, not only is your cat's waste unpleasant to your nose but also to the eyes—and the more you see your cat's poop, the more you think about its smell too.


Plastic material

Plastic litter boxes can develop scratches and micro-fractures over time, which could potentially trap moisture or odor-causing bacteria. In addition, if the plastic is not properly cleaned and maintained, a buildup of urine and feces residue can develop, potentially promoting bacterial growth and odor retention.

Small size

A cat litter box that is too small is bound to create accidents. It might be fine at first if you have a kitten, but as cats age, they may end up missing the mark or kicking litter out of the box in the hopes of getting more comfortable. Studies have shown that cats show a definite preference for a larger litter box. A larger litter box also means that the cat litter's odor-blocking properties have a better chance of working.

Unproperly sealed waste compartment

Some litter boxes, including self-cleaning litter boxes, feature a waste compartment. That can be in the form of a drawer, a side bin, or a bottom compartment. Unfortunately, in many cases, these compartments aren't properly sealed and litter odors still seep through.

What is the best cat litter box for odor control?

If you’re looking for a cat litter box that fits all of these requirements, that is both automatic and partially enclosed, contains odor-absorbing components, and is easy to clean, meet VIVIDMOO, the best cat litter box for odor control! VIVIDMOO is the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box in the world.

VIVIDMOO is best for cat parents who need superior odor control, and who no longer want to scoop! So, how does VIVIDMOO work for odor control? After your cat exits the partially enclosed unit, the patented sifting process automatically separates the waste from the litter and deposits the clumps into a tightly sealed waste drawer below for easy disposal.

Special odor-neutralizing features

-Partially-enclosed design - The partially enclosed design further reduces odors from spreading while leaving enough space for cats of all sizes to comfortably use the unit.
-Self-cleaning functionalities - Operating only minutes after your cat uses the unit, VIVIDMOO automatically separates your cat's waste into a sealed waste drawer, leaving a clean bed of litter after each use. Simply empty the waste drawer when full.
-Sealed waste drawer - VIVIDMOO's improved waste drawer is tightly sealed, effectively locking unpleasant odors away.
-Included carbon filter - You receive a complimentary carbon filter with each litter box purchased. Made from high-quality activated carbon polyester, these filters effectively neutralize odors both in and outside the automatic litter box.
-Easy to clean and removable liner - VIVIDMOO was constructed with easy upkeep in mind. Its flexible inner liner features an improved, highly-researched material that blocks the litter from sticking to the sides. You only need to do a basic cleaning of the globe every 1-3 months and a deep clean every 3 months or so. Whether it’s spot-cleaning or deep-cleaning, the simple modular design allows you to readily access and service your automatic litter box.
To recap, VIVIDMOO Litter box is the best cat litter box for odor control. It’s automatic, partially enclosed, and contains odor-absorbing carbon filters and optional odor-neutralizing technology. VIVIDMOO was designated "Best Overall Cat Litter Box for Odor Control" by Great Pet Care, and has been highlighted as a superior odor control option by numerous top-tier publications. This self-cleaning litter box comes with a 90-day in-home trial and WhiskerCare™ 1-Year Warranty—so why not give it a “whirl?”


The worst cat litter boxes for odor control

While we'll avoid mentioning names, there are certainly some styles of litter boxes that are simply the worst for odor control. Here are a few:

Short, plastic litter boxes

Cats like having more space to do their business, and when they don't have that much space, well... it results in quite a mess. Plus, the plastic material tends to absorb cat urine over time, promoting bacterial growth and that horrible cat urine smell. Vets recommend using 2-3 inches of litter when using a standard litter box and even 3-4 inches if your cat is the type to dig around. Don't settle for a cheap litter box that will be too small.

Small covered litter boxes

A lot of covered litter box brands have too small of an opening. Not only does that limit the size of cats that can actually enter the litter box to smaller breeds, your cat is also less likely to do their business there. Cats like to turn around and explore different positions while doing their business. This is severely hindered if the covered litter box is too small, as in the above picture. In that case, your cat might end up peeing next to the litter box instead.

Rake-style automatic litter boxes

A lot of self-cleaning litter boxes employ a rake to separate the cat waste from the clean litter. However, that method often results in litter clumps breaking and remaining behind in the clean litter. This type of automatic litter box also ends up using more litter on average. Rake-style litter boxes don't work very well if your cat doesn't pee right in the middle. The clumps might get stuck on the side and smear. Yuck. Gravity-driven sifting automatic litter boxes are better in that sense. They promote a more consistent litter depth and the rotating motion makes the litter sift better, break less, and allow for more clean litter to be reused.

How to get rid of litter box smell

At the end of the day, the goal is to get rid of that unpleasant cat litter smell, whether you get an entirely new cat litter box or not. So here are some tips to help you reduce litter box odors in your home:

Proper litter box placement

There is such a thing as the ideal litter box location, even in a small house or apartment. Avoid leaving the litter box close to a window, a radiator, or your heater in general. Warm temperatures will only worsen cat litter smells and may even spread them around the house if the litter box is also located next to a vent.

Cleaning frequency

Vets recommend cleaning the litter box daily, which is especially important in a multi-cat household. Cats like having a clean space to do their business and will refrain from doing it in the right spot if the litter box is too dirty.

Deep clean

In addition to regular litter box scooping, you should also empty the cat litter and deep-clean the litter box once a week. This deep-clean frequency decreases to once every 1-3 months with a self-cleaning litter box like VIVIDMOO cat litter box.

Get the right number of litter boxes per cat

Vets recommend having at least two litter boxes for one cat and n+1 litter boxes per cat if you have multiple. This means that if you have 2 cats, the ideal number of litter boxes is 3; for 3 cats, 4 litter boxes, and so on. This ensures you accommodate the needs of all cats present, preventing inconsistent litter box use and potential territorial issues. Territorial cats using the same litter box may end up spraying around the house to mark their territory.


Choose the right cat litter

Scented vs unscented

Choosing the right cat litter is paramount to reducing odors. While you may think that scented litter may be best to block odors, that is not really the case. Their scent can even sometimes mix with that of your cat's waste, for a less than desirable result. In addition, scented litters can irritate a sensitive cat's nose. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between the use of scented litter and litter box problems. Use unscented cat litter instead that contains natural odor-blocking properties.

The best type of cat litter

The performance of biodegradable and wood pellet litter types is generally quite poor when it comes to odor control. According to some studies, the best cat litter is the clumping clay form, which is often preferred by cats over silica cat litter and other types of litter, and has better odor-control properties.

Litter box odor eliminator products

Cat litter deodorizers and related products can effectively reduce litter box odors without compromising your cat's nose. Look for products that contain natural or safe ingredients that are effective at neutralizing odors without posing health risks to pets or humans. Avoid products with harsh chemicals or strong fragrances that may irritate your pet or exacerbate allergies. OdorTrap® Packs use plant-based ingredients to elimiate litter box odors and don't contain phthalates, parabens, or alcohol. The plant-based oils attract, attach to, and destroy odor molecules with natural chemistry.


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