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How it works 

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Post on social 

Create content featuring your Litter-Robot or Feeder-Robot and tag us on social 

Get rewarded 

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Post Guidelines:

  • Posts must be created from public accounts.
  • Tag @vividmoo on Instagram and @vividmoo on youtube.
  • Use a maximum of 5 tags (excluding people).
  • Accounts without previous posts or dummy accounts will not be accepted.
  • Ensure Vividmoo products are prominently featured in your posts.
  • Avoid showing cats on top of the Vividmoo.
  • must have a minimum weight .
  • Place the unit on a firm and level surface.
  • Ensure the unit does not touch any walls.
  • Do not modify the unit, such as painting or adding decorative elements.

Terms & conditions 

  • To be eligible for rewards, you need to sign up on this page, follow the post guidelines mentioned above, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Your posts should only contain factual statements about Vividmoo products and should not infringe on the intellectual property of other parties.
  • Posts should not make any misleading, deceptive, or disparaging claims about Vividmoo products or its competitors' products or services.
  • Posts cannot promote unsafe activities, bigotry, racism, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Your posts must comply with the branded content guidelines of the relevant social media platform.
  • Vividmoo reserves the right to use your content for any marketing purposes.
  • Vividmoo may modify the rewards program without prior notice.
  • Vividmoo has the right to reject posts without providing any reasons.
  • For US creators, site credits are only valid on vividmoo.com.

What we like to see 

High quality 

Post high-resolution photos and videos for both in-feed and story posts. Good lighting is crucial for capturing the best visuals.


Showcase the genuine connection between your applicants and Vividmoo devices in your posts. Capture the magical moments of them using and enjoying the products.

Product focus 

Ensure that the Vividmoo is visible in your content. You can also feature other beloved Vividmoo products you and your furry family adore.

Vividmoo values 

Share the special bond you have with vividmoo applicants and meet the above requirements to be approved for rewards.

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