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Detox with a Twist – Juices & Nugget Ice

Refreshing Paths to Wellness: Unlock the Power of Slow Pressed Juices and Soft Ice


In a world where detox trends come and go with the seasons, we're here to introduce a duo that sticks: slow pressed juices and nugget ice. This isn't your average cleanse. It's a symphony of flavor, nutrients, and that satisfying crunch, brought to you by the magic of Vividmoo's innovative ice makers. Ready for a detox that tickles your funny bone while doing wonders for your body? Let's dive in.

The Science of Flavored Ice

At the intersection of culinary art and chemistry lies the creation of flavored nugget ice. The porous nature of nugget ice, with its soft, chewy texture, makes it an ideal candidate for absorbing flavors and colors. This process isn't just about freezing juice instead of water; it's a meticulous method of marrying the nuances of flavor compounds with the crystalline structure of ice.

The principle is simple: by dissolving edible dyes or infusing water with natural flavors before the freezing process, Vividmoo's nugget ice maker can create ice that slowly releases these elements into the drink, enhancing both its visual appeal and taste profile. This technique turns every cube into a mini flavor bomb, delighting the senses with every sip.

The Science of Detoxing with Juices

Detoxing has often been wrapped in mystery, like a secret society with its own handshake. But here's the skinny: it's about giving your body the nutrients it needs to naturally do its thing – you know, getting rid of the bad stuff. Adding slow pressed juices ensures your body gets a nutrient-packed elixir without the added strain on your digestive system. Throw in nugget ice, and it’s not just a detox; it's a refreshing ice spa for your insides.

The Art of Slow Pressed Juices

Slow pressed juices are the introverts of the juice world; they take their time, avoiding the rush and heat of centrifugal juicers, to retain more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It’s like coaxing the juice out on a first date, making sure it's comfortable and willing to share its nutritional wealth. And when paired with nugget ice, each sip becomes a cold, nutrient-dense feast that even your cells will thank you for.

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

CHEWABLE - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is a popular choice for its chewable texture. Loved by people in various establishments, this ice is known for its softness, coldness, and refreshing qualities. Some are so passionate about nugget ice that they seek out places that offer it.

QUICK TO COOL - This ice cools rapidly, making it perfect for a variety of purposes such as beverages, injuries, and displays. Its unique shape allows it to conform to the contours of an injury, maximizing contact and cooling efficiency. Many rehabilitation facilities have nugget ice machines specifically for this purpose. Additionally, nugget ice quickly cools any liquid due to its large surface area and high ice-to-liquid ratio.

RETAINS THE FLAVOR OF THE DRINK - Nugget ice retains the flavor of your drink and is perfect for frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. It's also great for keeping salad bars cool. The shape of nugget ice molds in the bowls creates the perfect temperature for any food that needs to be kept cool. Nugget ice retains drink flavor and provides an extra chewing experience.

HELPS TO MAKE TASTY FROZEN DRINKS - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is ideal for making delicious frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. Its soft texture blends easily without damaging blades, allowing for quick and efficient drink preparation.

KEEPS SALAD BARS COOL - Nugget ice keeps salad bars cool by molding to the bowls and maintaining the perfect temperature for fresh vegetables. It's a preferred choice for restaurants with salad bars.


  • Model: CCIM2310
  • Applicable climate: ST/SN/N/T
  • Electrical Rating: AMPS 2.7A 115V AC 60HZ
  • Ice-harvest current: 2.7A Max
  • Rated power: 192W
  • Refrigerant/Refrigerant amount: R600a/0.570z
  • Ice Capacity: 33lbs/day
  • Inside Reservoir

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Why Nugget Ice?

Nugget ice – the unsung hero of the ice family – is soft, chewable, and downright delightful. But it’s not just about the texture; it’s about enhancing your detox experience. This ice melts slower, keeping your drinks chilled longer without diluting the potent juice you just slow pressed. Plus, chewing on nugget ice can be oddly satisfying – like a stress ball for your mouth.

Detox Delight Recipes

1. Green Machine Detox:
Ingredients: Kale, green apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and a dash of cayenne pepper.Serve over a glass full of Vividmoo’s nugget ice for a spicy kick that’s as cool as it is cleansing.

2. Berry Beet Bliss:
Ingredients: Beetroot, mixed berries, carrot, and a hint of mint.The vivid colors and earthy sweetness over nugget ice make detoxing look and taste like a gourmet treat.

3. Tropical Turmeric Tonic:
Ingredients: Pineapple, turmeric, orange, and coconut water.
Nugget ice turns this into a tropical escape, proving detox doesn’t have to be dull.


Embarking on a detox journey with slow pressed juices and nugget ice is like turning a wellness routine into a daily delight. With Vividmoo's ice makers, each recipe not only nourishes your body but also brings a crunch of joy to your routine. So, why settle for a mundane cleanse when you can detox with a dose of humor and heaps of ice?

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