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Elevating Every Sip with Vividmoo's Revolutionary Nugget Ice Maker

A Palette of Tastes: Crafting Colorful, Flavorful Ice Creations


The quest for the perfect drink doesn't end with the right mix of ingredients; it begins with the ice. Imagine transforming every sip into a flavorful journey, where even the ice contributes to the taste and aesthetics of your beverage. Vividmoo's nugget ice maker isn't just an appliance; it's your partner in the creative art of drink-making. Let's delve into how you can infuse your drinks with color and flavor, making every glass a masterpiece.

The Science of Flavored Ice

At the intersection of culinary art and chemistry lies the creation of flavored nugget ice. The porous nature of nugget ice, with its soft, chewy texture, makes it an ideal candidate for absorbing flavors and colors. This process isn't just about freezing juice instead of water; it's a meticulous method of marrying the nuances of flavor compounds with the crystalline structure of ice.

The principle is simple: by dissolving edible dyes or infusing water with natural flavors before the freezing process, Vividmoo's nugget ice maker can create ice that slowly releases these elements into the drink, enhancing both its visual appeal and taste profile. This technique turns every cube into a mini flavor bomb, delighting the senses with every sip.

Crafting Your Flavor Palette

The journey to creating flavored ice begins with experimentation. From the subtle tang of lemon-infused ice to the sweet allure of raspberry-flavored cubes, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. But the magic doesn't stop with fruits. Herbal infusions, coffee, and even tea can transform your ice into a cornerstone of cocktail creativity.

This process is not just an exploration of taste but also of color. Imagine the visual impact of a vibrant turquoise mint ice cube melting into a mojito or the deep purple hue of lavender ice softening into a gin tonic. With Vividmoo's technology, your drinks cabinet becomes an artist's palette.

A Touch of Scientific Humor: The Ice Lab

Creating flavored nugget ice is akin to running a deliciously cold laboratory experiment. Each batch is an opportunity to test hypotheses like, "Will this make my iced coffee more divine?" or "Can I finally make a drink that matches my outfit?" The playful aspect of discovering new combinations adds a layer of joy to the process, making the Vividmoo nugget ice maker not just a tool, but a source of entertainment.

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

CHEWABLE - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is a popular choice for its chewable texture. Loved by people in various establishments, this ice is known for its softness, coldness, and refreshing qualities. Some are so passionate about nugget ice that they seek out places that offer it.

QUICK TO COOL - This ice cools rapidly, making it perfect for a variety of purposes such as beverages, injuries, and displays. Its unique shape allows it to conform to the contours of an injury, maximizing contact and cooling efficiency. Many rehabilitation facilities have nugget ice machines specifically for this purpose. Additionally, nugget ice quickly cools any liquid due to its large surface area and high ice-to-liquid ratio.

RETAINS THE FLAVOR OF THE DRINK - Nugget ice retains the flavor of your drink and is perfect for frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. It's also great for keeping salad bars cool. The shape of nugget ice molds in the bowls creates the perfect temperature for any food that needs to be kept cool. Nugget ice retains drink flavor and provides an extra chewing experience.

HELPS TO MAKE TASTY FROZEN DRINKS - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is ideal for making delicious frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. Its soft texture blends easily without damaging blades, allowing for quick and efficient drink preparation.

KEEPS SALAD BARS COOL - Nugget ice keeps salad bars cool by molding to the bowls and maintaining the perfect temperature for fresh vegetables. It's a preferred choice for restaurants with salad bars.


  • Model: CCIM2310
  • Applicable climate: ST/SN/N/T
  • Electrical Rating: AMPS 2.7A 115V AC 60HZ
  • Ice-harvest current: 2.7A Max
  • Rated power: 192W
  • Refrigerant/Refrigerant amount: R600a/0.570z
  • Ice Capacity: 33lbs/day
  • Inside Reservoir

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The Art of Beverage Enhancement

Flavored ice isn't just a novelty; it's a game-changer in beverage enhancement. By thoughtfully pairing ice flavors with your chosen beverages, you elevate the drinking experience. A lemonade becomes a multi-layered concoction as lemon-zest ice slowly infuses more zest and zing. A simple glass of water turns into a refreshing spa-like treat with cucumber-mint ice.

The Vividmoo Difference

What sets Vividmoo's nugget ice maker apart in the world of flavored ice creation is its unmatched efficiency and user-friendliness. Designed for both the enthusiastic home bartender and the curious culinary explorer, this ice maker simplifies the process, making it accessible to everyone. The emphasis on portability means your flavored ice creations are not confined to the kitchen. They can accompany you to any event, adding a splash of color and taste wherever you go.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of Flavors

With Vividmoo's nugget ice maker, the age-old adage of "it's just water" no longer applies. Each cube becomes a vessel for innovation, a small but significant touch that transforms ordinary beverages into extraordinary experiences. So, embark on this flavorful journey, where the ice does more than chill; it captivates, refreshes, and delights.

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