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Speedy Chillers: The Race of Nugget Ice Makers to Quench Your Thirst

The Quick Freeze: Unraveling the Speed Secrets of Nugget Ice Production


In the realm of kitchen gadgets, the nugget ice maker stands out not just for the unique, chewy texture of the ice it produces, but also for its ability to deliver ice fast. Yes, we're talking about a machine that races against the clock to ensure your beverages remain cool, your parties stay lively, and your day-to-day hydration needs are met with a touch of fun. Vividmoo's nugget ice maker, in particular, boasts impressive stats, churning out 33 pounds of ice per day and beginning its icy production in as little as 5 minutes after startup. But what does this mean for the average user? Let’s break the ice on production speed and capacity.

The Quick Freeze Phenomenon

Imagine this: you’re about to host a last-minute gathering, or perhaps the summer heat is just unbearable, and you’re in dire need of a refreshing drink. This is where the speed of your nugget ice maker becomes crucial. With the capability to start producing ice in just 5 minutes, Vividmoo’s ice machine ensures that you’re never more than a few moments away from the crunchy, hydrating goodness of nugget ice.

Capacity Counts

Producing 33 pounds of ice per day might sound like overkill until you consider the various uses of nugget ice throughout a single day. From morning smoothies and afternoon iced coffees to evening cocktails and late-night hydration, the demand for ice can add up. An ice maker with a high production capacity ensures that you’re well-prepared for any situation, whether it's a quiet day at home or a bustling party.

Why Speed and Capacity Matter

Entertaining: There’s nothing worse than running out of ice in the middle of a party. A high-speed, high-capacity ice maker keeps the drinks flowing and the guests happy.Daily Use: Whether it's for a cold brew coffee to kickstart your morning or a post-workout smoothie, having quick access to nugget ice can elevate your daily beverage routine.Convenience: Forget about last-minute store runs for bagged ice. A reliable ice maker at home saves time and money in the long run.

What sets Vividmoo’s nugget ice maker apart isn’t just its impressive speed and capacity but also the quality of ice it produces. Nugget ice, with its soft, chewable texture, isn’t just about cooling your drink; it's about enhancing it. The ice absorbs the flavor of your beverage, making every sip as delicious as the first.

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

CHEWABLE - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is a popular choice for its chewable texture. Loved by people in various establishments, this ice is known for its softness, coldness, and refreshing qualities. Some are so passionate about nugget ice that they seek out places that offer it.

QUICK TO COOL - This ice cools rapidly, making it perfect for a variety of purposes such as beverages, injuries, and displays. Its unique shape allows it to conform to the contours of an injury, maximizing contact and cooling efficiency. Many rehabilitation facilities have nugget ice machines specifically for this purpose. Additionally, nugget ice quickly cools any liquid due to its large surface area and high ice-to-liquid ratio.

RETAINS THE FLAVOR OF THE DRINK - Nugget ice retains the flavor of your drink and is perfect for frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. It's also great for keeping salad bars cool. The shape of nugget ice molds in the bowls creates the perfect temperature for any food that needs to be kept cool. Nugget ice retains drink flavor and provides an extra chewing experience.

HELPS TO MAKE TASTY FROZEN DRINKS - The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is ideal for making delicious frozen drinks like smoothies and margaritas. Its soft texture blends easily without damaging blades, allowing for quick and efficient drink preparation.

KEEPS SALAD BARS COOL - Nugget ice keeps salad bars cool by molding to the bowls and maintaining the perfect temperature for fresh vegetables. It's a preferred choice for restaurants with salad bars.


  • Model: CCIM2310
  • Applicable climate: ST/SN/N/T
  • Electrical Rating: AMPS 2.7A 115V AC 60HZ
  • Ice-harvest current: 2.7A Max
  • Rated power: 192W
  • Refrigerant/Refrigerant amount: R600a/0.570z
  • Ice Capacity: 33lbs/day
  • Inside Reservoir

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The Science of Speed

At the heart of Vividmoo's nugget ice maker is a finely tuned refrigeration system, optimized for quick ice production without compromising ice quality. This rapid freeze technology ensures that you're never far from enjoying your favorite chilled drink.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

In an age where energy consumption is a hot topic, Vividmoo takes pride in offering an ice maker that’s not only fast but also energy-efficient. This means less waiting for ice and more enjoying your beverages without the guilt of high power usage.


The world of nugget ice makers is filled with options, but when it comes to speed and capacity, Vividmoo stands out. The ability to churn out ice at a moment’s notice and in quantities large enough to satisfy any demand makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen or home bar setup. Whether you're an entertainer, a beverage enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates the finer things in life (like perfectly chilled drinks), Vividmoo's nugget ice maker is designed to keep up with your lifestyle, ensuring that you and your drinks stay cool, no matter what.

Discover the Fast, Efficient World of Vividmoo’s Nugget Ice Makers

Indulge in the luxury of quick, chewable ice at home and transform your beverage experience with Vividmoo. Perfect for any scenario, from boosting your morning routine to keeping your guests refreshed and entertained.

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