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Guide To Juicing, Selecting Ingredients

Guide To Juicing, Selecting Ingredients

At Vividmoo, we believe that whole food is the base of good health. Enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables daily nourishes your body with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Selecting the brightest and freshest locally available produce in season is the most nutritious way. Of course, this is the goal: do your best throughout the year. We know some seasons are much easier to access affordable produce. If you can support your local farmer’s market, please do. At the grocery store, look out for locally grown fruits and vegetables. Having produce from local growers is essential for your health and the health of our planet.

Selecting the right amount of produce can be tricky at first, but not to worry, it will get easier and become second nature. It is helpful to plan by choosing a few juice recipes incorporating seasonal ingredients and then buying the produce accordingly. Could you think about how much room your fridge has to store your fruits and vegetables? The key is to have the least amount of waste! If you think something may be getting too ripe or spoil before you can use it, chop it up and freeze it. You can then use them for frozen desserts, smoothies, or meals.

Lastly, select juicing ingredients that complement what you are eating in your meals and rotate your fruits and vegetables to get a wide variety in your diet. If you know you will have tomatoes and a few greens for dinner, make yourself a green juice. If you eat a large green salad for lunch, make citrus and cucumber juice to fill in with different micronutrients. Juicing daily can be an excellent way to incorporate a much wider variety of nutrients into your body.