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Vivimoo brand influencers can enjoy exclusive perks including special product deals, complimentary accessories, early access to unreleased beta products, and more! Kindly provide us with your details, and we will contact you to explore how we can collaborate to enhance the quality of life with our furry friends.

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Your social media following can earn you big. We make it easy to promote our
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The Vivimoo influencer program is created to recognize social media influencers for promoting our brand to their followers. Please note that the program is not intended for digital marketers. 

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Please complete a brief form to help us get to know you better. 

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Create amazing content 

There are countless possibilities, including unboxing videos, cat training sessions, product setup tutorials, reviews, and much more.

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Earn monthly payments and/or take advantage of special product deals in exchange for your time.answer 


Take a look at these excellent instances from influencers and content creators we've collaborated with throughout the years.

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