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Intelligent Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box Product Introduction


In the world of pet care, innovation aims to make life easier for both pets and their owners. One such revolutionary product that has emerged is the smart self-cleaning cat litter box, a testament to how technology can enhance our pets' daily routines. Among these, Vividmoo's Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box stands out as a leader, offering a blend of convenience, safety, and hygiene that cat owners could only dream of until now. Designed with both feline comfort and owner convenience in mind, this advanced litter box promises to redefine our approach to cat care, making the unpleasant task of litter box maintenance a thing of the past. Join us as we delve into the world of smart self-cleaning litter boxes and discover how Vividmoo is setting new standards in pet care technology.

When I reflect on my recent 7 Day Jordan Escape by Globus tour, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so many BIG attractions and highlights in such a short period of time before. As a small country with ancient stories to tell, Jordan makes it easy to have monumental experiences in a short amount of time. You don’t have to plan, take care of any logistics, or fight through the crowds that normally come with such well-known attractions during high season travel. 

Product Overview: Vividmoo Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Vividmoo introduces a game-changer in pet care with its Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box, embodying innovation and convenience for cat owners. This state-of-the-art litter box is designed to provide a hygienic and comfortable environment for cats while ensuring ease of maintenance for owners. With its smart automatic cleaning system, Vividmoo aims to eliminate the daily hassle of litter box cleaning, making pet care more manageable and less time-consuming.

Innovative Features of Vividmoo's Litter Box


Table Of Content

  • Downtown Amman: Wa­sat Al-Balad
  • The Ancient Roman City of Jerash
  • Amman Accommodation: Kempinski Hotel
  • Return after a long week of memories

1. Security System
Equipped with 10 high-precision sensors, including an anti-pinch infrared sensor, weight sensor, and thermal sensor, the litter box offers unparalleled safety. Its intelligent detection and remote alarm system work together to prevent accidents, ensuring your pet's security at all times.


3. Accessibility

With an entrance height of just 12.4 cm from the ground, this litter box is accessible to elderly cats, obese cats, short-legged breeds, and those with limited mobility, ensuring it caters to the needs of all feline companions.


5. Smart Monitoring

Through an intuitive app, cat owners can monitor their pet's weight, usage time, and duration. The app also regularly pushes data, allowing for proactive management of your cat's health and wellbeing.


7. Efficient Cat Litter Usage

Designed to be economical, the litter box uses just 4L of cat litter and is compatible with various types, offering flexibility and cost savings over time.


2. Spacious Design
The litter box boasts a large 57.6L capacity, with dimensions specifically crafted to accommodate cats of all sizes, from the petite to the plus-sized. This spacious design ensures comfort and freedom for your feline friend to move and use the box with ease.


4. Hygiene and Comfort

The innovative combination of silicone and canvas offers double protection against soft feces sticking, while also preventing urine leaks. This dual protection is complemented by anti-scratch features, enhancing cleanliness and comfort for your cat.


6. Odor Isolation and Quietness
The litter box features an isolation door that effectively blocks odors, maintaining a fresh environment. Operating at less than 40 decibels, it promises a quiet operation that won't disturb your household.


8. Ease of Use

Simple, one-click emptying and a detachable design (excluding the base) for cleaning underscore the user-friendly nature of this litter box. Adjustable cleaning modes, including automatic, scheduled, and manual cleaning, provide customizable care options for your cat.


At the bottom of Citadel Hill is Wa­sat Al-Balad, the oldest part of Amman. Here’s where you can discover real Jordanian life through its old buildings, crumbling archeological ruins by the side of the road, cute cafes and bookstores, fresh produce markets, and stores selling scarves, gold, herbs and spices, fresh juices, and delicious desserts like Kunafeh (goats cheese. topped with wheat and pistachio).

After lunch, we enjoyed sage tea in the pretty gorgeous outdoor seating area shaded by huge trees and fragrant flowers, and shopped in the small stores filled with preserved jars of food, knitted hats and bags, jewelry and other trinkets and souvenirs. These stores are a part of Beit Khairat Souf’s Women’s Community Project created to help women financially support themselves.



Explore Our Adventure

It is not just a lifestyle, it is a a whole new perspective

Benefits for Cat Owners

The Vividmoo Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box offers a multitude of benefits, from significantly reducing the time spent on cleaning to ensuring a hygienic living space for both cats and their owners. Its smart features not only enhance the wellbeing of pets but also bring peace of mind to owners, knowing their beloved felines are safe, comfortable, and cared for in the best possible way.


Dimensions Parfaites pour Tout Espace de Vie
Avec des dimensions de 51x53x56 cm, litiere autonettoyante VIVIDMOO est parfaitement adaptée à tout type d'espace, des petits appartements aux grandes maisons. Cette taille optimale permet de placer la litière dans n'importe quel coin de votre maison, sans jamais sacrifier l'esthétique ni l'efficacité.


Conception Semi-Cylindrique : Une Première dans le Monde Félin
La forme semi-cylindrique de la litière n'est pas seulement esthétique, elle est aussi le résultat de recherches approfondies sur le comportement des chats. Cette forme offre à votre chat un espace suffisant pour se sentir en sécurité et à l'aise, tout en garantissant une intégration discrète dans votre domicile.

Un Pas Vers l'Écologie
VIVIDMOO n'est pas seulement préoccupée par le design et le confort ; l'aspect écologique est également une priorité. La litière est conçue pour être durable et respectueuse de l'environnement, réduisant ainsi l'empreinte écologique de votre foyer.


The Vividmoo Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box represents a significant leap forward in pet care technology, offering a blend of safety, convenience, and hygiene that sets a new standard for cat owners. With its advanced security system, spacious and accessible design, and smart monitoring capabilities, this litter box not only caters to the needs of all types of cats but also addresses the common concerns of pet owners about cleanliness and odor control. The ability to adjust cleaning modes and the ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their pet care routine.

As we move towards a future where smart home devices play an increasingly integral role in our lives, the integration of such innovative solutions in pet care is a welcome development. The Vividmoo Smart Automatic Cleaning Cat Litter Box is more than just a convenience; it's a testament to how technology can enhance the bond between pets and their owners, making daily life more enjoyable for both.


Confort Inégalé pour votre Compagnon Félin
Le bien-être de votre chat est au cœur de la conception de la litière autonettoyante VIVIDMOO. La forme semi-cylindrique crée un environnement rassurant et intime, où votre chat peut faire ses besoins en toute tranquillité. Cette attention au confort se traduit par un chat plus heureux et détendu.

Un Impact Positif sur l'Environnement Domestique
En plus de ses avantages pratiques, litière autonettoyante chat VIVIDMOO contribue à un environnement domestique plus sain. En réduisant les odeurs et en maintenant une propreté constante, elle assure un cadre de vie plus agréable pour tous les membres de la famille.

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Hot Tip: My flight was early morning, so I left the resort about 10pm. Had I known how great the Dead Sea Resort and Spa was, I would have delayed my flight until the following day and stayed an extra night and morning.





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