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Auto Self-cleaning Litter Box for Cat

The ultimate solution for hassle-free cat litter maintenance. With its elegant design and advanced features, Vividmoo`s self-cleaning litter box ensures a clean and comfortable litter box experience for your furry friend. Say goodbye to scooping litter and hello to a fresh bed of litter every time.

Key Features:

  • Advanced litter-sifting technology for effortless cleaning
  • Reduced litter tracking for a cleaner environment
  • Real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels
  • Smart Scale in the Vividmoo app to track your cat`s weight
  • Designed to accommodate up to 7 cats with its design
  • Includes a fence, step, and carbon filter for added convenience

Join the community of 1 million pet parents who have upgraded to a smarter litter box. Never scoop again and enjoy a significant reduction in litter box odors. Please note that the bezel patterns may vary from the images.


  • Product Name: Smart Cat Litter Box
  • Product Model: UCAT C10 PRO / UCAT C10
  • Main Material: PP
  • Product Size: 520 x 530 x 555mm
  • Input: 12V 1A
  • Rated Power: 12W
  • For Cat Weight: 3-22 lbs/ Age> 4 months
  • Machine Weight: 9.5KG
  • Max Weight Capacity: 44 lbs/20 kg
  • Waste Bin Capacity: 5L/ 1.3 Gal
  • Applicable Litter: All clumping cat litter (length<15 mm)


  • Weighing protection
  • Microwave radar
  • AI recognition
  • Drum`s location detection
  • Rear cover`s location detection
  • Anti-pinch protection
  • One-key litter replacement
  • 2-step quick disassembly
  • Health management</